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SISITEC billing system

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Sisitec is the billing system developed by Logicalcrow, that complies with the requirements and regulations of National Taxes for the issuance of computerized and electronic invoices online.

Cost savings:
Issuing electronic invoices eliminates the need to print, send and store paper invoices, which can significantly reduce the costs associated with invoicing.
Time saving:
The issuance of electronic invoices is much faster than the issuance of paper invoices. With an electronic invoicing system, you will be able to generate invoices in a matter of seconds and send them to your clients instantly.
Error reduction:
With an electronic invoicing system, it is much less likely to make billing errors, since the process is automated and the system automatically verifies the data entered.
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Greater security:
The issuance of electronic invoices is more secure than the issuance of paper invoices, since the data is encrypted and protected by security measures.
Greater efficiency:
An electronic invoicing system will allow you to have more efficient and real-time control of your issued and received invoices, which can help you make more informed decisions and improve the management of your finances.
Increased accessibility:
electronic invoices can be stored in the cloud and accessed from anywhere and at any time, which facilitates access to financial information and simplifies the management of your invoices.

Invoicing System

Modality for the issuance of Digital Invoices using an own or delegated Token in an Invoicing Information System authorized by the Tax Administration and its subsequent sending, registration and validation in the SIN database servers.

Optional printing of the Digital Invoice.
Individual sending of the Invoice in XML format.
Shipment grouped in a contingency package of the Invoices in XML format.
Mass mailing of Invoices in XML format by package.
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Invoicing System

Modality for the issuance of digitally signed Electronic Invoices, in addition to the use of a self-owned or delegated Token through a Tax Administration authorized Invoicing System, and their subsequent sending, recording, and validation in the SIN's database servers.

Use of Digital Signature.
Optional printing of the Digital Invoice.
Individual sending of the digitally signed Invoice in XML format.
Grouped sending in a package for contingency of digitally signed Invoices in XML format.
Massive sending in the form of packages of digitally signed Invoices in XML format.
Facturacion Computalizada SISITEC | Logicalcrow

Our tool is approved by the National Tax Authorities, ensuring that you will meet your tax obligations and issue invoices correctly and reliably. With Sisitec, you can generate invoices quickly and easily, without the need for manual and tedious processes. Additionally, our service will help you save valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Contact us today to get more information on how we can help you simplify the issuance of your computerized and online electronic invoices with Sisitec.

Our service is fully guaranteed and will provide you with the peace of mind and confidence you need when issuing your invoices!


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